One Tree Planted

For every £10 / $12* commission we earn (from non-charity-based sales)
we will plant a tree with our partners at One Tree Planted!


Who are One Tree Planted?

One Tree Planted are a non-profit organisation created by Matt Hill as a non-profit in Shelburne, Vermont, United States in 2014. They are a public 501(c)(3) charity and their tax ID# is 46-4664562.

How many trees have been planted by One Tree Planted?

As of December 2021, One Tree Planted has been able to plant over 23.5 million trees in the ground since they started in 2014!

How does it work?

One Tree Planted partner with carefully selected reforestation organisations in six regions: North AmericaLatin AmericaAfrica, Europe, The Pacific and Asia. They can choose a project to donate to within each region – one US dollar ($) plants one tree. One Tree Planted pool the donations for each project and send the funds to their reforestation partner, enabling them to cover the costs required to get these trees in the ground.


Tree costs vary based on region, partner, and unique overall objective of a reforestation project.

Above is a simple average breakdown of how trees are planted, and in some cases, there are additional or greater costs to account for. In those instances One Tree Planted may combine resources with partners for co-funding to make a bigger impact at scale, but you can rest assured knowing that all donations will always go towards restoring healthy and thriving forests.

What kind of monitoring or oversight do you have for projects?

One Tree Planted remain closely engaged with their partners to monitor project progress and require reporting and photos at several stages over the life of the project, including an update on seedling production and site preparation, a report soon after planting is complete, and a follow-up report one year after planting. The key metrics tracked include the total number of trees planted, species planted, survival rate, the area under restoration, and the total number of permanent and seasonal jobs created. Additional performance indicators may be reported according to the objectives of each project.

To complement their partners’ existing protocols, One Tree Planted is currently in the process of implementing monitoring workflows that incorporate geospatial technologies such as high-resolution satellite and drone imagery. These tools will enable One Tree Planted to further validate the long-term success of projects.

I’m really passionate about this cause and I want to do more. What can I do?

Amazing! We are so thrilled that you want to do more to protect our beautiful planet. Check out the Individuals page at One Tree Planted for a few ways you can get more involved.

Their Tree Ambassador program might be of interest – it has lots of interesting information about trees and the environment, as well as details on how you can organise your own tree planting initiative in your local area. Fundraising is another fun way to get involved and help the planet by sharing your passion with family and friends.

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