Dr.D aka Subvertiser

Dr.D aka Subvertiser

An old school friend asked him to help with some fly posting in Central London in the early nineties so he jumped in. When this became a bit monotonous Dr.D started cutting bits from billboards and moving them on to others to make new words and phrases. Pretty soon he was making his own posters and putting them up on walls, billboards and bus stops, other 2D and 3D projects followed.

Lately Dr.D has been installing a range of faux street signs for the passing public, with warnings such as ‘Curfew – Social Cleansing’.

This poster was displayed at London Design Museum’s ‘Hope to Nope’ show in 2018, which explored design’s role in dictating and reacting to major political events.

However, along with many other participants from around the world, Dr.D removed his work from the exhibition when the Design Museum rented their atrium to arms dealers.

After 23 years of visual activism, he has recently left his day job to focus on even more urban doctoring and start the world’s first personalised street art pavement messaging service ‘Worship The Ground’ @WTGOps (Insta/Twitter).

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