Miss Printed Profile

Miss.Printed was born in the Netherlands in 1973, on a car-free Sunday.

She worked for many years at Knust, an artist run organisation based in the Netherlands, where she became an expert in a highly specialised stencil-printing technique, known as mimeograph or Risograph printing.

In the summer of 2007, she emigrated to Norway and in 2014 discovered her passion for collage and “Locative Collage”, making small, paper collages and photographing them on location, often in an outdoor setting that reinforces the story she wants to tell.  In this urban environment Miss.Printed leaves her paper cuts behind, thoughtfully placing bits of sanity, for others to reflect upon.

Miss.Printed’s work fills the gap between collage, photography & street art.  She has had several exhibitions in Norway, Europe and the USA.  In August 2016, she opened a museum: “The Scandinavian Collage Museum”.   She is founder of “The Collage Club” – an international group of collage artists, and also founded the “Collage Garden” – a project that grows paper gardens around the world.

Miss.Printed often receives messages from people who are inspired by her work and who also take their paper cuts outside to photograph. This makes her sing out loud in her little red house, on a mountain, in Norway.

NB  Miss.Printed does not use any form of digital editing, though she does use the crop tool, and sometimes curves!