Siko - Profile

SIK O ART is a sculptor and artist, born in the early 70’s in Worksop, England.

From the 80’s through to the early Noughtie’s, SIK O ART was well known for his large wooden sculptures, that were both expressive and abstract. He carved these from green wood, with a chainsaw and a little chiselling, occasionally charring the wood using a blowtorch, or sandblasting to emphasise texture and wood-grain.

Since 2004, SIK O ART has exhibited his work across South Yorkshire and the Midlands, including an exhibition at Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham in 2005, Burghley House Sculpture Park in 2006 and also had an exhibition at Pete McKee’s Month of Sundays Gallery with local photographer Jacqui Bellamy in 2013.

SIKO O ART now concentrates on urban art installations throughout the North of England, producing his large wooden sculptures and highly emotive paintings.