Despina Symeou

Despina - Profile

Specialising in jewellery design, Despina Symeou gained a B.A.Hons degree from Middlesex University. 

She studied art in many forms, focusing on life drawing, photography and printmaking, and has recently returned to these early inspirations to create her stunning prints.

In order to add depth, colour and texture, Despina uses a variety of printmaking mediums and says:

“The application of ink onto a plate is to my mind similar in many ways to applying paint to canvas.  By working a selection of colours into a plate, small variations occur as each print is hand pulled through the press. This process makes each original print unique, but also sits comfortably in a limited edition format.

The ancient art of printmaking is used in a modern way to make contemporary artwork. In any creative field the path taken from inspiration to the end product is a most fascinating and instructive period.”

Despina’s work forms part of the V&A Collection Fund and the Scarborough Museum Trust.  She exhibits internationally, and much of her work is in private collections all over the globe.