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Welcome to Stopwatch Gallery

Stopwatch Gallery was initially established as a not-for-profit, online-only business, helping promote and sell the work of artists all over the world who were yet to come to market.

Working for artists and art lovers since 2014.

We still have the same mission and continue to help local artists, students and more established artists globally.

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Although no longer not-for-profit, we do champion the work of local artists, promoting and exhibiting their work via our online gallery and social media, alongside more established artists like:

Banksy, Blek Le Rat, Ben Eine, David Shrigley, Mobstr, Kid Acne, RYCA, Kaws, Carrie Reichardt, Lucy Bryant, Bubba2000, Angus, Slinkachu, Christopher Wool, Gee Vaucher, Bortusk Leer, Eismann, Blair Zaye, Phil Ashcroft, SB, Alexface, Sickboy, Geoff Hargadon, OakOak, Tilt, Al Murphy, Brian Ewing, Gold Peg, RAE, NME1, Shok-1, JR and many more…

Stopwatch Gallery

Layaway options available

Stopwatch Gallery

Original Works

Utilising our vast network of artists, collectors and galleries, our mission is simple: to acquire the art your heart desires.

Over the years we have connected with key players in the art world, which means we can secure one-off pieces for your collection, or indeed commission work on your behalf, from your favourite artist(s).

Please take a moment to peruse our Online Store and feel free to contact us about a specific piece or to discuss your individual requirements further.


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Stopwatch Gallery

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