Roy Draws

Roy Draws - Profile
Roy Draws is a Berlin based artist originally from Nottingham in the UK. 
After studying illustration at the University of the West of England, Roy moved to Berlin, and now lives with a gang of ceramic animals, a life sized plastic dog called Kevin and two flamingos.
Roys humour is displayed through their constant stream of work, from cynical scribbles on the back of toilet doors to large scale canvases in their Neukolln Studio.
Borrowing from pop culture, street art, music and the absurdity of everyday life, Roy creates work people can relate to.

Roy got into the street art scene in Berlin a couple of years ago and has gained recognition and popularity with an international following.

You can see Roys work throughout Berlin and the rest of Europe – if its not a unicorn telling you to “fuck off”, then its a dinosaur saying how much “life sucks”.