Invader - Profile

Invader was born in France in 1969 and took his name from the arcade game ‘Space Invaders’.  

He creates his striking street art pieces from the clever placement of small, square mosaic tiles.  Much of his work is inspired by video game characters and based on the crude pixelation of ‘70s & ‘80s 8-bit video games.

Invader affixes his art in cities all over the world and gives points for each piece, based upon the complexity of the mural and how difficult it was to place it.  He has created ‘Invasion’ maps to assist fans when hunting down these mini-masterpieces and once found, the finder can collect the allotted points for their discovery.

“I define myself as an UFA, an Unidentified Free Artist. I chose Invader as my pseudonym and I always appear behind a mask. As such, I can visit my own exhibitions without any visitors knowing who I really am even if I stand a few steps away from them. Since 1998, I have developed a large scale project, code name: Space Invaders.”