Reece Swanepoel

Reece Swanepoel grew up in the lovely town of Mossel Bay in South Africa’s Western Cape Province and since he first picked a crayon up, hasn’t stopped creating.

His interest in art began in high school and he learnt that art is much more than simple pictures, there is an underlying language and very soon what started out as something intriguing, morphed into passion, bordering compulsion & since that time, Reece hasn’t stopped working manically on pieces, every single day.

Reece is currently studying Art Education at the North West University in Potchefstroom, and says:

“My art is essential and necessary, just like the pains of life it often depicts. It gives one roots and keeps you grounded. I leave cognitive processes at the door of my studio so as to not overthink what I’m doing and for a purity in line and form, which are two of the elements that I focus on with my art.

Emotion, especially empathy, takes centre stage in my works. My goal is to make you feel something for the mere illusioned depiction of someone to make you question why you can’t do this outside the doors of the gallery. It makes you question, and that is powerful.

My artworks do have a dark edge to them, but this doesn’t mean I’m a person inclined to melancholy. I don’t shut my ear to the stories I hear from people I have encounters with. Some of those are really horrible and I want their story to be heard and understood. And I want people to feel how felt when I heard it the first time, and that’s why I use expressive elements in my art. It’s a power in art I truly believe in.

As a person, I’m very passionate. I’m passionate about life, art and many other subjects, but art is my biggest passion and I find my purpose in that. I’m a combination of old-school and contemporary.

I believe if a person works harder than anyone, others must start to take notice of it, but I still mix that with contemporary skills. I believe we live in a era where the internet plays an undeniable important role and gives the artist the opportunity to market himself better than ever.

I’m establishing my name in the South African artscene and simultaneously echoing it onto an international platform.

My art, though deemed contemporary expressionism, is Neomodern in style and finds it’s foundation in Metamodernism (also called Post-postmodernism) – a philosophical movement started in 2012 reacting on the alienation Postmodernism birthed.”


2013 – Duo Exhibition with André Espach (Mossel Bay, Studio Namasté)

2014 – Yearly Group Exhibition (Mossel Bay, Mariaan Kotzé Gallery)

2015 – SCAVA Goup Exhibition (George, George Museum)

2016 – Open Studio Solo Exhibition (Potchefstroom, Studio)

2017 – North-West University Group Exhibition (Potchefstroom, NWU Arts Gallery)

2017 – ArtWalk Group Exhibition (Potchefstroom, Potchefstroom Gallery and Museum)

2017 – Kaslani Private Game Reserve Exhibition & Auction (Hoedspruit, Kaslani Game Reserve)

2017 – Open Studio Exhibition (Potchefstroom, Studio)

2017 – Open Art Group Exhibition (Mossel Bay, Riviera Hotel)

2018 – By Wall Group Exhibition (Pretoria, Johann van Heerden Art Gallery)

2018 – Solo Debut (Potchefstroom, Potchefstroom Art Gallery & Museum)

2018 – Group Exhibition (Pretoria, Johann van Heerden Art Gallery)

2018 – Opening Exhibition (Wilderness, The Le Roux Gallery)

2018 – ‘Midnight’ Exhibition (Pretoria, Johann van Heerden Art Gallery)

2018 – “Kith” Group Exhibition (Potchefstroom, EGLAF arts collective)

2018 – Aardklop Group Exhibition (Potchefstroom, Potchefstroom Art Gallery & Museum)

2018 – Law Faculty Farewell Ceremony Exhibition (Potchefstroom, NWU)

2018 – “Transpose” Group Exhibition (Potchefstroom, Van Rooyen building)

2018 – Vaal Arts Society Group Exhibition (Vaal Marina, The Village)

2018 – End Of Year Small Works Exhibition (Pretoria, Johann van Heerden Art Gallery)

Notable Achievements

Work gets published in the 2018 and 2019 edition of the SA Arts Diary, amongst notable artists such as Christiaan Diedericks and Uwe Pfaff.